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Wednesday, 30 August 2000

Sam's having hair troubles. He's spotted his recent Steve McQueen-style combover on a Prada model in Wallpaper. So he's thinking of growing it out, adding a bit of curl, some frizz: a touch of louche decadence to greet the new century. He's looking at old copies of Tigerbeat and Bop and checking out the hair on Eighties teen crushes Eric Estrada and Ralph Macchio. Which to go for? Help him decide! Check out the foxy polaroids, then email and tell us what you think.

Is The Dog Museum the future of the internet? You'll need RealPlayer, Shockwave, Flash - the whole baloney - but it's so worth it. The Dog Museum is amazing. It tells you stories - so have the sound cranked up - shows beautiful trailers for films that will never be made, plays visual / aural jokes worthy of a five-year-old, and loads more. It's random, awesome, touching, wonderful. Go there. Now.



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