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Friday, 30 June 2000

Other sites have got weblogs, so we want one too! We know AMP's already got a diary, but we're... greedy.

'You make a movie, girl, and the world is gonna see it.' That's what Big Miss Moviola promises.
Big Miss Moviola collects all-girl made films, puts them on a tape with nine sister flicks, and distributes them across the globe.

The project is the brainchild of multimedia artist Miranda July, who makes records, films and more over in the States. Big Miss Moviola is inspiring females everywhere to dust off their boyfriends' discarded super-8s and get behind the lens.

'So what's your movie gonna be about? The camera is already making its home in your hand.'

It's Friday, so it's Lisa Carver day! Lisa Carver was the editor and publisher of the sadly missed Rollerderby zine. In beautiful and excruciating detail, her column for Nerve keeps us posted on her post-Rollerderby married life. 'Forsaking all others' is not an option.




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