Thursday, September 25, 2003
Lover Spy - Spy on your Lover by sending them an e-Greeting Card! 
Thursday, September 18, 2003
stuff to do tonight, maybe, after the Peaches gig... 
Kash Point presents LONDON
A Free Kashion Show Spectacular
Thurs. Sept. 18th 2003
on the deck of the boat Tattershall Castle
Embankment - opp. London Eye. SW1-
(Embankment Tube) show starts 10pm
prompt. followed by the club 11pm - 3am.

Show - * free * Club - 7 Euros / £4.83 aprox. /
£3 guests

Hello there,
Thursday the 18th Sept is the last night of
Kash Point on the Boat - then we're on the run
- but we'll never miss a week ! u can always
find us @

The 18th is also the start of London Faschion
Week - as we r renowned 4 our outfits we will
take u on a journey thru severe style
statements from ' now & then '. The catwalk is
on the deck amidst views of The London Eye,
Big Ben & the new Hungerford Bridge


Westwood, Pam Hogg, Body Map, Leigh
Bowery, Whitaker Malem.


Some Product, Philip Normal, Torture Garden
Clothes, Julian Smith , Cassette (Playa),
Victim Fashion St by Mei Hui Liu Lyall
Hakaraia & Por Amor De Dios


Trixie, Helga, Fanny, Synthetic Pleasures &


Matthew Glamorre, Scarlett & Lotta.


" The Skies Have Eyes " - balloon release
11pm by Alex Called Simon. Take part in the
balloon release by bringing a signed pic, a
message, a drawing or a LIGHT piece of
clothing to attach to a balloon - pad & pen
available .

" And " - by Mamoud Hussein.
A series of 8 photographic prints that go
'deeper than looks' exploring identity,
androgeny & confusion. Hung in the entrance
hall of the boat


Bishi - O.A.P. - Dj Hair Explosion

Kash Point - the club will follow on str8 after
the show downstairs on the boat.
Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Your Favourite Songs Can Now Be Your Favourite Hummings 

Um. Several Japanese men humming intricate renditions of classic rock tunes. It's beautiful and funny and scary (and slightly racist? kindly debate among selves) all at once. Suite.
Sunday, September 14, 2003
"precognitive journal entries waiting to happen." 
Critical (m)Ass 
could this be the future of political protest?

So yesterday in New York there was this Critical Ass all-underwear bike ride. Boiz in tightie-whities on bikes, holy fuck. Can we implement this here before Autumn kicks in?
Friday, September 12, 2003
Hey, Frances, this one's for you. Scientists have found a supermassive black hole that appears to be emitting sound waves - the note of B flat, 57 octaves below middle C. That's pretty sweet, right?
Swearing = coll 
While not quite up there with classics like the Buffy swearing keyboard or the glorious swearing xylophone, but still pretty damn sweet, is the
Peaches Fatherfucker Typewriter Thing! Type the keys to make Peaches twirl her tits, shake her dick, say 'FUCK' and 'SHIT' and other fun and possibly non-worksafe things.
Thursday, September 11, 2003
Holy Crap Yeah Pixies Reform Yeah It's All Good Yeah 
Pixies to reform for world tour and album, huzzah! All is right with the world. It will be like a magic bus taking us all back to ten years ago, when we were all like innocent and shit, and some of my more retted friends still had undescended testicles. Hurrah!
Tuesday, September 09, 2003
gcse german aint helping me figger this one out... 
the thing i love about this site the most- apart from the strange beauty of the product itself- is that all the models have such nice, tidy, even sacs. did they inspect the testes of the available german male models for the requisite teutonic level of perfection, do you think? or are these special testicle models, who are a bit munty from the neck up but who make an excellent living modelling, um, pants with cutaway testicular areas? enquiring minds need to know. with regards to the sacfree pants themselves, i am very enamoured of the orange tie-dye look; i will more than likely be buying a pair of these for the man in my life, just to see the look on his face. i dont buy him things (or thongs) very often, so i would hope he'll feel honour bound to wear them. but, um...just one thing...surely some chafeing?
Monday, September 08, 2003
The Sandwich Project | the URL of Sandwiches 
One day, one day hurrah, we will have discovered, for once and for all, what is the best sandwich EVA! Is it the Pret Salad sandwich? Is it the avocado, mayonnaise and salad baguette? Is it cheddar with mayonnaise on one bit of bread, and sage and apple jelly on the other, and iceberg lettuce and cherry tomatoes and home-grown cucumber and red onions inbetween? Is it chicken on fat white sliced bread with mayonnaise, stuffing, cranberry sauce and salad? It is, isn't it. Oh god yes it is. That last one. That's it. Oh god yes. Oh yes.
'I'm Not A Child-Molester, But I'll Fuck You' - The MP3s Of Kathy 'Wallet-Fattener" McGinty"

Just caught one of these on - seems like these guys meet Kathy online, call her up expecting some phonesex, and get 'Kathy', who starts off fairly normally ('what do you look like?' 'what are you wearing') and is quickly revealed to be some kind of phone sex bot that descends into technological and narrative chaos ('my MOTHER has TUSKS!'). The men's responses are recorded and released on CD-R. Best is when they just ignore the fact that Kathy is just a series of surreal samples triggered by a keyboard and desperately attempt to continue to phonesex her anyway...
Sunday, September 07, 2003
Japanese pyschedelia...on prescription 

Ever had that 'giant chicken claw descends upon you from desert sky' feeling? Why not try Serenace? Want to feel like a happy, fat, cartoon cat? Doral for you, madam!

Oh my goodness. This site takes the tried and tested imagery of Western retro brain-drug ads (housewives shattering into tiny fragments, stressed businessmen, etc etc) and takes it somewhere altogether other.

- Thanks to Indie Dave (the Terence McKenna of psychoactive allergy pills) for alerting me to this -
the AMP weblog v2.0 
the AMP weblog v2.0 Oh yeh. Who's the daddy. Who put the blogger code in the AMP template all by herself. Oh yeah. It's your birthday.
*high fives self, dances round room*.
how to talk like a 12-year-old AOL girl 
Friendster's Fifteen Minutes 
Friendster. It started off being about getting me some PiVa. Mission PiVa, we called it. Penis in Vagina Action. But then it became so much more. Do my curls look big in this? How about my interests? Are they swish enough? Do my testimonials reflect who I *really* am, or - better - who I'd *really* like to be?

The moral implications of the thing - is Will TRULY your friend? Only proceed if Will is TRULY your friend - soon cast aside, one's Friendster list grows. Attempts to define when one passes beyond the realms of 'popular' and into the land of the Friendster Slut are difficult to pinpoint. Is it when one has more than 50 friends? More than 168? More than Har Mar Superstar?

You flit between identities, at first. Should I use my 'RL' name for this? My 'writing' name? Who is the me that's on Friendster? I've never met Ian in real life, but he's still more my friend than Helen, who I have met, briefly, once. I chat to Ian on Messenger more frequently and with far more vigour and depth than anything I've ever said to Helen. But then, in real life, Ian might not rescue me from some burning building, because he wouldn't know who the fuck I was. Is that a friend?

Eventually the messages you receive will determine your identity. PRs will contact you. People will ask you if you're the one who does that website. Then it becomes a handy networking tool. You'll know who's going to which gig and who's djing at what bar. All well and good, but...

...but strip all that away, and, ultimately, it's still meant to be a dating site. But once you've ascertained your identity on there, do you really want to display your marital status? Do you really want: 'Interested in meeting people for friends, activity partners, dating (MEN)' up there next to the persona you've struggled so carefully over the last few years to define? Would you put 'PLEASE FUCK ME?' at the end of every article you write? Of course not. So then you're 'Just There To Help!' You know that looks cooler. But who are you helping? And why?

And then you realise you ain't gonna get no PiVa off Friendster. And you run off and join a site where it's blatantly obvious that people are just in it for PiVa, and you spend the evening messaging some 36-year-old restaurant owner from Fuckass, South London, who wouldn't know LCD Soundsystem from his anus, and you know what? You fucking love it. And next time you visit, your finger hovers over the 'delete profile' button. Could Friendster's fifteen minutes be up? Sigh.
mac pisses on pcs 
It's official. Like smoking, some things simply ARE the coolest. Shove that up your crack, pc lovers!
Welcome to The AMP Weblog v2.0 
Hello. Though my normal weblog looks pretty and has pictures and AMP branding, this one is simple, accessible, and allows other people to become 'team members' and post things to it also. You gotta love how that works. I suspect there might be a way to incorporate Blogger's technology into my existing page template. Anyone know how to do it?

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