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T uesday 19 September 2000

I love boys! Know why? Because they're so fucking STUPID! Take, for example, this fellow. American, natch. So impressed was he by his friend's experiment, Stinky Meat, (record some meat rotting over the course of a month; post all details on the internet), that he decided to better it by doing Stinky Feet! In an attempt to infect himself with athlete's foot, he wrapped his feet in plastic bags, secured them with elastic bands, sealed them with Vaseline, and left them for a month. WATCH as yellow stuff begins to ooze from between his toes! MARVEL as tiny cuts form and he pulls great strips of flesh off his feet! SCREAM as celulitis creeps under the skin! LAUGH as trenchfoot sets in! Boys. They. Are. So. Cute. Check it out!



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