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Friday, 18 August 2000

Good has prevailed in the Big Brother house! I bet this guy's gutted. He can try and pretend Nasty Nick is an icon of British manhood all he wants. He is soooo wrong.

Those nice boys at the hotmaleskaters mailing list have kindly directed AMP readers towards some Cute Skateboy Galleries on the internet. Hooray!

'A naked blonde walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm and a salami under the other.....oooooHHHHHH SHHHIIIIITTTTTTTT!' If you remember this you're nearly as old as I am. Which is not very old, of course. To find out the punchline to Bender's joke, go to the Unofficial Breakfast Club Quotes Page. It's ace.

Found a cute American chick site called Miss Girl and downloaded a hot pink cheetah print desktop pattern which hurts my eyes. Love it. They also have Cute Guy Galleries, which we can only applaud. Unfortunately, anecdotal evidence suggests that the American definition of 'cute guys' is rather closer to our definition of 'rancid guys' - but that's not really the point, is it? Keep up the good work, Stateside ladies!

Sindies were always so much better than Barbies. Looking at them, with their oversized heads and dome-like spams, was like looking in a tiny mirror. That said, there are certain things about Tourette's Syndrome Barbie that I can relate to, too. The twitching. The uncontrollable moments of demonic possession. The self-harm. Oh, and the bust measurement, of course. Check it out!



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