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Friday, 7 July 2000

Japanese artist Tomoko Takahashi makes art out of chaos - sprawling piles of dead computers and printers, broken ventilators and the like. Her new internet project 'Word Perhect' (sic) is equally topsy-turvy. A hand-drawn Microsoft-style window with the human touch, it exhorts users to cut, copy and paste - but with scissors, glue, and the newsagent's photocopier. 'Sleep' is for the user, not the machine: another command tells you to 'run and play outside now'. Typing is done in Takahashi's handwriting, while 'delete' doesn't; it makes a big messy scribble over everything. It's as if your computer suddenly rebelled and grew a personality - but rather than the futuristic nightmares of science fiction, it's as cute and cuddly as a tangerine i-book.

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