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Wednesday, 5 July 2000

"This morning I bought a cream cheese beigel and then I went and sat outside the cafe on a metal chair that scraped the pavement and I watched all the people in their falling-down baggy twisted jeans and hand-customised tops and all the other people in their street-sweeping saris and salwaar kameez and then I wrote some copy for the new client and sipped my latte from its American-style paper cup." What is that? Showing off? Yuppietalk? No, apparently - that is the FoBo (Faux Bohemian) lifestyle. And that, according to exiled British artist Momus, in the majestically titled Thought For The Day section of his website, is something to celebrate.

Momus believes that the moment when once-poor areas like Brick Lane and Shoreditch in London or Brooklyn in New York become desirable - when the folks with the vaguely expressive jobs - the 'media content creators' - flock to places that were once rundown and arty, and are now just plastic and arty and unaffordable, is the moment when society learns to appreciate artists. And a society that reveres artists, says Momus, is a healthy society. It's an interesting theory from a prolific, strangely irritating, very compelling man. (See also today's Thought, Glossy Barfout.)

Sue and Steve have redesigned the Last Chance Saloon website. So now all your sick and twisted fashion and culture needs (think Kozik poster art, think fanzines, think underground novels, think bizarro wind-up walking toys that shoot sparks from their beaks) can be fulfilled at the click of a mouse. Hooray!

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