Tuesday, September 09, 2003
gcse german aint helping me figger this one out... 
the thing i love about this site the most- apart from the strange beauty of the product itself- is that all the models have such nice, tidy, even sacs. did they inspect the testes of the available german male models for the requisite teutonic level of perfection, do you think? or are these special testicle models, who are a bit munty from the neck up but who make an excellent living modelling, um, pants with cutaway testicular areas? enquiring minds need to know. with regards to the sacfree pants themselves, i am very enamoured of the orange tie-dye look; i will more than likely be buying a pair of these for the man in my life, just to see the look on his face. i dont buy him things (or thongs) very often, so i would hope he'll feel honour bound to wear them. but, um...just one thing...surely some chafeing?
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