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The hosts that work at the club undergo strict training prior to their initiation into the world of hosting. They acquire conversation techniques, the art of subtlety, seductive smiles and other various skills. Following this training they are expected to be an expert in flattery, able to understand a woman’s character and deliver the right amount of charm and conversational dexterity. This alluring and charismatic expertise is rewarded accordingly.

It is not unusual for very talented hosts to receive incredibly expensive gifts such as watches and cars. Likewise, it is not atypical for a customer to pay a particular host to accompany them shopping or to a place of their choice. In order to reap such benefits however, the host must be very talented at his job and able to distinguish himself within this competitive world. He must be able to perform unquestioningly and immaculately for his customer and attain regular clients in order to prove his ability to entice more spending.

A poster displayed within the bar or sometimes a billboard outside ranks the hosts in order of popularity. The look of a feted host usually includes a mane of dyed wavy hair and searching eyes. Thus, it is every host’s responsibility to adhere to the popular and sexy image that is highly desirable. Once they achieve this, their ability to earn is limitless.

Not every Japanese woman is enamoured with the idea of host bars. Still, there are plenty of females who are ready to engage in the addictive and enticing host sanctuary that is available at their fingertips. In this place of adulation and enjoyment, both males and females happily adopt their roles for the evening. The potentially sexual atmosphere is never made overt, only hinted at through flirtation and choreographed smiles.

The host business is doing extremely well, signifying an important cultural shift in Japan. The primary focus of these bars is women’s entertainment and pleasure, a notable change in the Japanese adult entertainment climate. It seems typically Japanese that these clubs are politely and neatly personified by prosperous women and rather innocent young men. It’s only much later in the night that the host bars are frequented by other female adult entertainers such as hostesses and dancers who also come to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

It may be a transient job for many hosts; however it surely must be a memorable one. A good host's ability to tantalise and entice any woman will not be underestimated by anyone, least of all by other hosts. And one only needs to observe the appreciative and admiring female patrons to see how the game works. The world of the host is a charming one, where flirtation and flattery are the key ingredients to success.

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