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So, exactly who are the women who frequent host bars in Japan? Well, the majority are certainly not desperate singles who could not visit a regular bar for a good time. They're independent and often self-sufficient females who, just like their male counterparts, are looking to de-stress and forget about the chaotic world that exists beyond the borders of the host bar. Many of them enjoy the unintrusive, hassle-free nature of chatting to a handsome host.

After all, Japanese females have long been perceived as subservient within a patriarchal society that concentrates more on the man’s pleasure than the women’s enjoyment. Thus, as a woman's social status rises, so too does her earning and spending power.

A night out at a reputable host bar does not come cheap, with some bottles of alcohol costing 100,000 yen (£500) and over. The client pays for her and her host’s beverages, and as a result, the more the host drinks, the higher the revenue for the bar.

Japan’s growing number of independent single women complements the new wave of freedom and liberation that has swept much of the female population. Many of these women still live at home so can afford to indulge in this form of entertainment.

They are well-dressed and very fashion-conscious, expectant of an interesting, playful and engaging night out on the town. There is also an older clientele who have the same expectations and often even more money to expend. Not surprising, considering divorce rates in Japan are steadily increasing and women are starting to feel they have more autonomy.

It is within the space of the host bar that women can be entertained, inspired and possibly empowered all at once. Even the women who do visit host bars out of loneliness and dejection can be equally uplifted and exit feeling boosted and encouraged. Ultimately, the host bar offers all women, regardless of age or exact social status, an opportunity to escape the confines of the outside and still strongly male dominated environment.

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