Meet Saf, a fine exemplar of Nouveau Povvo attitude. No money, no problem!


" I've got a fridge which handily doubles up as a heater, no dryer (they make your clothes into doll's clothes, anyway), no tv (it died) and a REALISTIC hi-fi and I'm PROUD! It's no Bang and Olfusen but I don't care. Never mind the quality, feel the NOISE! My mum lent it me because she decided to live in a field (not me, I like sinks too much). I have no computer, I'm bored of them staring at me from every surface. You can get a zillion pens for only 99 pence from the pound shop so I'll write my stuff by hand because typing winds me up, going 'Where's the 'B'?', drooling with concentration. Nah. I think I'm one of those freak people who cause machines to break down just by my mere existence. Want a dead appliance? Just get Saf to look at it once, it will hang itself by its own cord, I tell ya! You'll see me with a rusty screwdriver going 'It's alright! It will work in a minute!' I'm not ready for no-fi, but hi-fi costs HIGH! I'm considering a wind-up gramophone because my electricity's about to be cut off. That's lo-fi. That's how I'm living."


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A L S O  O N  S L E A Z E


A Eunuch - the Ideal Man?
He's gentle and he likes foreplay. But he's got no balls. Welcome to the world of the voluntary eunuch.


The Ugly Guy
Fat. Stinky. Ugly, String vest. Mmm-mmm. My kind of guy.
By Suki.


Drugs are Nice
Well, that's what Lee the E says. And she should know.


In a recent survey, 50% of women under 25 admitted they had thrown up whilst on a night bus. Not that that's anything to be proud of, mind. Not at all.