Could Courtney Love's 'diaries' be the laziest book ever published? We mourn the downward trajectory of an almost-feminist almost-icon.

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how it all went wrong:

You know how it all went wrong. You’ve seen it on and and you’ve heard it on Celebrity Skin and America’s Sweetheart. And the publication of these ‘diaries’ - and I use the term loosely - is just another manifestation of said wrongness.

For those three weeks back in 1991 when Courtney used to matter, her untrammelled ambition rode hand in hand with talent, creativity and actual hard graft. Somewhere along the line, these were severed. You can see it here: this is perhaps the laziest book ever published.

This book - a huge, hardbacked, glossy beast of a publication - is little more than the literary equivalent of the moment the basket case dumps the contents of her bag on the couch in front of the jock and the brain in The Breakfast Club. This is jottings and detritus: drafts of letters; photos of Courtney with Drew and Elton and Donatella and Hillary; emails to and from Lindsay Lohan; lists of ‘Celebrity Callers of the Day’; shopping lists, to-do lists; crappy doodles; poems written when Courtney was nine. The arrogance is staggering. Does she really think we care about her this much?


angry young women in rock

FOXCORE: stupid name (cheers Thurston!) but for a few brief moments between 1989 (when Babes in Toyland first relased Spanking Machine) and 1993 (when they headlined Lolopalooza) nobody ever had to ask that hackneyed old chestnut re: the whereabouts of angry young women in rock, because they were fucking everywhere.

‘Foxcore’ described a form of hard-core music made by bands which were all or mainly female: despite the ‘fox’ tag, it wasn’t pretty in the least, not even on the inside. It was waves of Sonic Youth-style howling guitars; it was psychotic rhythms like trains clattering down abandoned tracks; and, most of all, it was female vocals that were all bellowing belting roaring whispering crooning breathing howling rasping gutteral wow.

It wasn’t about the toes-turned-in juvenilia of the riot grrrl look: this was some kind of woman thing that you weren’t even old enough to really understand yet, save on some base instinctual level; something to do with rage and betrayal and friendship and disgust and bitterness and possessiveness and abandonment and self-loathing and botched abortions and fingerbanging and mad sex and all the rotten things that people do to each other even when they’re trying to be nice.

And the bands, well, they were called things like the Nymphs and Dickless and Calamity Jane and L7 and Babes in Toyland, and then, of course, there was Hole.

female castration

“Now that I’ve been through FEMALE CASTRATION from marrying a ROCKSTAR, I want a bass player in my band, a REVOLUTIONARY, inspired by those hot D.C. bitches, someone who can play ok, and stand in front of 30,000 people, take off her shirt and have FUCK YOU written on her tits. If you’re not afraid of me, and you’re not afraid to FUCKING SAY IT, send a letter. NO MORE PUSSIES, NO MORE FAKE GIRLS, I WANT A WHORE FROM HELL that loves the PIXIES and the GERMS.”

- From ‘Pretty on the inside’, a fanzine made by Courtney in Spring 1992


courtney used to count

It’s hard to remember back to ripped tea-dresses and green vinyl and no internet and weekly music magazines that mattered and Courtney Love not being an international joke, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

For a brief while, Courtney Love existed without reference to Kurt Cobain. With the 1991 release of ‘Pretty on the Inside’, Hole’s critically acclaimed (at least in the UK) debut, a record that howls with righteous, incendiary anger, Courtney Love appeared to be a furious, formidable, politically aware artist. She existed with reference to Bikini Kill, and Nation of Ulysses 7-inches, and Euripides, and analyses of female rage vs stereotypes of hysteria.

She seemed to be living an ongoing deconstruction of the beauty myth, talking openly about her varying experiences of being different weights, and of the responses to her appearance once she’d had a nose job. (“It’s bad that I have to do this [bleach her hair / look good] to get my anger accepted”, she told Simon Reynolds in 1992, “But then I’m part of an evolutionary process. I’m not the fully evolved end.”)

And she was a musician, not just a mouthpiece, enquiring why girl singers in all-male bands didn’t just pick up a guitar, chastising girl guitarists and drummers who weren’t prepared to practice enough and who used their gender as a get-out clause for continuing ineptness, while championing those she respected. Wierd as it seems, Courtney Love used to count.

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