I'm Going to Track Them Down', She Bragged.

hi amp, i'm already in berlin and will stay till friday. i really hope to meet u!! you can ask for me either at xxx xxxx(home) or at an office: xxx xxxxx. alora, a ltr! :-) e.

From: AMP
hiya. i am coming to berlin tomorrow, so i'll definitely call you on wednesday. meeting in berlin - how glam and jetset! :-)AMP x

Monday 24 July, 2000

Now, *this* is how I imagined Berlin's Mitte would be. I'm standing in my internet friend Evamaria's flat. The flat is light and airy, and you can see the TV Tower from the window. There are girls in white dresses standing elegantly around, and a boy with square glasses is talking on the phone. A Mac powerbook lies closed on the table.

Another girl with mad blonde spiky hair is standing in the kitchen as I chat to Evamaria. She's wearing a fantastic outfit: white with black text and images printed on it. 'That's a wonderful outfit!' I say.

'It's screenprinted', smiles the blonde girl. We're doing a photoshoot today so we made these out of articles that have been written about us.'

I look at the dress again. Where the dress sits on her tummy there are caricatures of girls in a Japanese Manga style, identical to those illustrating Piers Morgan's article on the Chicks on Speed in The Face.

Miss AMP's Inner Monologue

'NO fucking way. It can't be.'
'Well, that is the picture from The Face'.
'No. No. Not possible. I know I said I wanted to 'hunt down the Chicks on Speed and force them to be my friends' but I never thought I would. There's no way I could just turn up at someone's house and they'd just BE there. What are the chances of that? Pah.'
'Well, look at the evidence.She's in a band. They've had articles written about them. She's German. She's female.'
'But, if I ask her if she's in Chicks on Speed, and she's not, she's in some crappy little band, she'll be really insulted. I can't say it.'

But I do say it. 'And you are.....' It's only half a question. And then she and I answer it at the same time.

'Chicks on Speed.'

Evamaria, it transpires, shares a flat with one of the Chicks on Speed. I pass out.


(note: if you'd like to read the interview that AMP did with the Chicks as a result of this meeting, check out the new print zine!)

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