Friday 18 August 2000

I can't write anything at the moment. Anything. I'm supposed to write 3 pages of crap when I wake up. Anything at all: like, 'Ooh, why is Jessica being so bitchy at the moment? Should I stop drinking tea? Shall I buy those boots?' But I can't even do that. So here, for your viewing pleasure, are some images instead. We could call it a visual diary, but we'd be lying. All I know is that pressing a button is far easier than moving a pen. That's why they invented typing, right?


Last week:

I wore lots of makeup.

geisha girl


Went to South London on the bus.

the classy bus

Went to see Fosca.



Do you remember the pigs?

i love pigs


Lay around on the rug with some boy. Oh alright, it was my long-term boyfriend, but that doesn't sound exciting.

naughty boy


And this baby came back from the printers.


It was a good week.


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