Wednesday 12 June

RE: RE: RE: FWD: updates

From: Miss AMP
Sent: 12 June 2002 10:38
Subject: RE: updates

yeah but it's weird, like i just wanna write about the club on saturday and all the drugs and how ace it was and what nice things we did and how it was interesting because it wasn't sexual even though it was so hot and we were doing all like massages on bare shoulders slick with sweat, fingernails run down spines and across scalps to induce goose-bumps, walking around with arms slung round each other's waists, showering each other with compliments like cheap champagne, planting firm kisses on the hot pliant necks of our lovely homos, running stolen ice-cubes over our necks and throats, even his small proffered boy-nipple, but it really *wasnt* sexual, and me and him so don't fancy e/o - yet that is an experience i would never have been allowed to have when i was with my boyfriend... and he would read it and get all angry, and he'd be like 'who is this person' and i'd be like 'dude, i so don't fancy him, we are mates, even though he is not gay or a minger' and he'd be all like 'yeah right' and his m8s would read and be like 'amp is such a lo$er slapper, i’m so glad they’ve split up' and it would just suck.

so that’s why there haven't been any updates.

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