hipster v. hickster

By Amy Liptrot

Amy grew up on a sheep farm in Orkney. But she didn't want wellies and bucolic bliss. She wanted red eyebrows and a micro-fringe...

"I don't buy fashion magazines anymore. In London you don't need to. Going out in the evening I'm surrounded by label bitches and charity shop try-hards, by ill-advised haircuts and next season's colours. It almost makes me feel sick.

But growing up on a farm in Orkney (a group of islands to the north of Scotland - and yes, we did have running water) - it was a different story.

At school, the height of style was to carry your PE kit in a plastic bag that proved you had been to a shop on the mainland. Next and Sweater Shop were particular favourites. But I had my eye on higher things.

On Sundays, I watched the Clothes Show agog as my parents laughed at the latest impractical creation from Westwood or Versace. This interest soon resulted in misguided attempts at translating, without fear, catwalk looks to my own handmade / punk rock agenda.

Stealing wholesale from the Face I cut myself a 'micro-fringe', completing the look with red lip-linered eyebrows. I endured the next day's comments - 'Is that a wig?', 'Did you do that for a dare?' silently, while thinking, 'Don't you read Vogue?'




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