amp who?



11 Buried in some acid-yellow Seventies reverie; a plump blister my madeleine

02 Wednesday

30 Like A Prayer. But Not, Actually, A Prayer

20 End Of The World Dinner Party



28 Who's The Mummy

02 Job Interview Thing



25 The Bar Is Open

23 Let's Get Metaphysical

04 Smokin', Hee Hee, Fag-Hag, and 4am

02 Internet Forums: Double, Treble Bastard? Or Extremely Good Things?

30 The State That I am In

18 Underwear Over The Internet

04 Desire For A Dog

19 Semenex Dot Com

16 A Nice Girl

06 The Oldest Child

05 Snip-snip-snippets

19 Ever Fallen in Love With Someone?

31 Txt

23 Pages of Fun II

11 Not The Tits

02 Chilli and Rhytmn


31 Bruises (Cont)

23 Female Impersonater On Brick Lane At 10am Friday Morning

22 'You Bruised Me!'

20 Amsterdam: White, Green, Orange

12 Diary Entry For 12 December Followed By Commentary And Analysis

11 All Westerners Smell Of Milk

10 Young Man Puts Miss AMP In Her Place
30 Soft

24 Soho One Two Three

15 Scary Old Road

05 (Don't) Talk To Me Like I'm The Dirtiest Girl In The World


26 Kiss FM World

19 Nasty Little Night Out

09 Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

07 Cluck Cluck Cluck Cluck Cluck

30 Swinging London: Or, Shag Or Die

25 Weekend Wild-Girl Wierdness

19 'So I Turned Myself To Face Me, But I've Never Caught A Glimpse'

14 It's Nothing Special. I'm Just Like You. Er, Now Vote Anna.

13 Untitled

08 Shiny Shiny Sinking Feeling

02 Versace Dress Gone To Hell

01 This is made of Scribble, OK?




30 Not Such A Sore Thumb, After All

22 But On Monday Everything Is Just The Same

18 Pictures

07 The Summer Fight





31 Wimpy Knickerbocker Glory Spoon

28 Too Suburban Too Unexciting

27 I Dream of Skateboys

24 How I Found The Chicks On Speed

21 Euro. Trash. Girl. And Her Euro. Trash. Boyfriend

10 I Love London

07 The Crotches of Acquaintances

05 Dream That Harmony Korine Beats Up Chloe Sevigny





28 I'm Miss AMP and I Go To The Gym

24 Plastic David Beckham and the Fish Robot

18 Queen Of The Night, Goddammit

06 Ooh Yummy, I Just Love the Taste of Humble Pie

01 Cat Power





22 Short-Sighted

17 These Are The Rules

16 Cat Buckaroo, and a Big Dose of Honesty





19 On Never Leaving the House

15 What They Called the Pigs

08 Mis-shapes, Mistakes, Misfits





30 House on Stilts

27 Cell Out

Mid-Nineties Drunk in South London

07 My Coat Gets Sent to Coventry





29 The Kids Aren't Alright

16 Bring On the Gay Porn







12 The Saddam Hussein of Sisterhood

04 The Thing About 35-year-old Men

01 Welcome To The World Of AMP